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Muruwe is a Proudly Zimbabwean business with interests in LED Lighting Production and Recycled Plastic Packaging Solutions. All our products are built around having a positive impact in the world and ensuring a brighter more sustainable future for all.


Our Products.


LEDlite is our range of lighting products which are strictly LED contributing to massive energy savings for consumers and countries as well as excluding any of the harmful components typically associated with older style lighting technologies. LEDlite consists of a range of 50 different dimmable LED bulbs and 6 different LED tubes across a wide array of shapes, fittings and light colours and can be found nationwide in leading retail stores.


STRAPlite is our Proudly Zimbabwean solution to PET and PP waste being dumped into the environment. STRAPlite is a range of recycled PET and PP packaging solutions made entirely from locally sourced recycled plastic for use in a variety of industries such as Brick and Tile Making, Timber and Flooring Manufacturing, Farming, Food Packaging and much more.




We actively buy and take in PET and PP plastic waste and have full recycling facilities to process previously unwanted waste such as Chibuku, Pepsi, Coke or other bottles into raw materials that can be turned into new life products. We currently process an average of 30 tons a month of previously unwanted plastic waste back into raw materials for use in our manufacturing facilities. This includes recycling the very products we make back into new products creating a full recycling circle.


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We are constantly seeking out new markets and partners who share our vision of creating a brighter more sustainable future. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of our products, want to make your business more eco-friendly or if you want to help clean up the environment through recycling, reach out to us today,


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